How do you wake up a sleepy town? With a GIANT splash of water!


Pilis falls is located in Pilis creek Samal in Bataan province. Its water cascades down a steep-sloped cliff north-northeast of Mt. Nagpali. The falls with an approximate height of 120 feet with a plunge pool filled with falling debris and rocks created by past landslides.

Compared to Pasukulan Falls in Abucay, Limutan Falls in Bagac, and Dunsulan Falls in Pilar, Pilis Falls is considered inferior. Not everyone knows that Samal Bataan has its series of hidden waterfalls. Because of this little secret, Pilis waterfalls is special.




This view marked the start of our trek.



We passed through 12 rivers along the way.




The not-so-easy trail fuels our dreams to see the waterfall.  Trekking time is more or less than an hour depending on pace.

The trail excites us!


There are fruit bearing trees like rambutan that we picked and ate while trekking.




There weren’t any markers telling us how farther we needed to climb. There were no arrows nor signage directing the way to the falls.

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Our effort was paid off upon gazing at the magnificent tourist attraction of Samal Bataan. It took us almost 2 hours before reaching this impressive waterfall through rough terrain and scorching heat.


By the way, we had two tour guides. One of them was a bit shy but eventually, he got used to us when we started making jokes and asked questions about the place and his past experiences guiding hikers.



Our heart skip a beat upon seeing the waters flowing out of the catch basin.


Pilis falls has a satisfying torrent even during the dry season. We just can’t imagine how strong the full-fledged waterfall Pilis is in the rainy season.



We had our lunch with the sound of of rushing water from the falls in the background.


After filling our stomachs we had to take a rest because of an extreme tiredness.  After resting a bit we took the plunge in the icy water. We spent approximately 30 minutes taking photos, snacking, resting and soaking in everything.


What a view it was! With the sun’s flare providing a little spotlight and basking the little opening with warm light, it was the perfect way to end out little day tour. Once you are there you will love the falls and the running ice-cold water.


We looked up to see sprinkles of water falling down. The absence of the mighty cascade of water from above down to its enchanting pool didn’t take away its charm one bit. The subtlety made it even more endearing. Memorable.


We struck a pose and nailed it!


The place is surprisingly clean, please do your part to keep it that way. Don’t leave your waste. If you are not the type to bring your trash home with you, at least throw them in the garbage bin. Don’t let the locals go after your trash. That isn’t their job


Our trip wasn’t a waste, but it would have been perfect if we managed to stay a little bit longer. Our hearts were heavy when we left the falls at 3 pm. Surely there will be another time when we visit this place for a real backpacking adventure..




  • Wear the lightest and comfortable clothes, bring umbrella, lots of water and bring food.
  • There are no store available near Pilis Falls so make sure you have everything that you need before hiking your way there.

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